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case studies


Our case studies showcase real-life success stories and highlight the transformative journeys of our valued clients. These provide a glimpse into the positive impact Build The Balance has made in helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and find greater balance in their lives. Explore these stories to see firsthand the power of our tailored solutions and the possibilities ahead for you.


Dr. Jo Shapiro is a national and international educator working with various government, medical, and academic institutions to bring support to physicians and healthcare providers all over the world. 

Build The Balance has worked with Dr. Shapiro since 2019, providing online business management and virtual assistant services. 

When Aleisha started working with Dr. Shapiro, she was running her small business and was doing the very best she could as her work and notoriety continued to grow. Aleisha was initially hired as her virtual assistant, but the role and support of Dr. Shapiro needed to be expanded quickly to accommodate a rapidly growing business. When Aleisha has been with Dr. Shapiro, she’s created systems and processes that have allowed her business to double within the last 2 years. 



  • Task & reminder management system

  • Marketing & resource materials design

  • Coordinate all national and international events

  • Sales communication & negotiations 

  • Website design & maintenance

  • Email management & communication

  • Invoicing & expense tracking 

jo shapiro, md


"Aleisha Agard and I have been working together for almost 4 years. I do not exaggerate when I say that she absolutely transformed my work life. On so many levels, she has made my life more organized, easier, rewarding, and fun. Her integrity, compassion, commitment, dedication, and creativity are unmatched.

When she began working with me, she had little experience in healthcare administration. I have fairly complicated work demands in academic medicine with a lot of national and international work, and Aleisha dedicated herself to understanding the various societies, hospitals, clinics, leaders, and other healthcare organizations with whom I collaborate. But most important, she has a keen understanding of how best to support me, my work, and my life. In addition to her creativity and stellar professional competence, what is most remarkable about Aleisha is her emotional intelligence. She has an amazing combination of confidence and humility. I am so fortunate to have Aleisha as a colleague and friend."
erin harrison

Erin Harrison is a licensed therapist, teacher, and coach helping people with her unique and refreshing perspective.

Build The Balance has worked with Erin since 2019, supporting her with brand development, website design, business consulting, and course creation.

Erin, working as a teacher and therapist, wanted to establish her own practice and begin providing coaching services as well. Aleisha started working with Erin in the beginning phases of her entrepreneurial journey, helping her bring her ideas to fruition. Together, they created a visual brand, logo, and website that spoke to who Erin is and embodied all the important characteristics of her. It was from here that Wood Sorrel Wellness was born. 


  • Branding development

  • Logo design 

  • Website design & management 

  • Business Consulting 

  • New course development & creation


"To begin with, Aleisha is a solid human being.  I have known her for several years, and she navigates this world in alignment with her values, which I think contributes to her honesty, presence, and thoughtfulness.  She has been with me from the very beginning of my business, recommended by a good friend, and she walked me through the beginning steps of website and brand development in a way that encouraged excitement rather than overwhelm.  

Fast forward to now, years later, during course creation, Aleisha was my first call.  I've recommended her to colleagues, my friends, and my family.  Truly, I'm not sure how I would have gotten to the place I am in my business today, without her organization, good humor, grace, and kind nudges."

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